June 8, 2020

On Side’s COVID-19 Video Series Enlightens and Alleviates Concerns

Vancouver, BC

Shared twice a month, On Side Restoration now produces an expert COVID-19 video series, and associated blogs, as an educational resource for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of timely COVID-related topics.

The vast amount of COVID-19 information available can feel overwhelming. From equipment recommendations and procedure suggestions to best COVID-19 practices – the information often conflicts and it can be difficult to know which source to believe.

On Side Restoration has started releasing ~3 min videos and associated blog articles to answer many requested COVID-19 questions. Narrated and composed by Justin McConville (CRSP), Leader of Health, Safety, and Environmental, these informative topics are presented in a straight forward, easy to understand format.

Watch their first two short videos titled “Surgical Masks vs Respirators – What You Need to Know” and their latest “Decontamination Terminology and Procedures related to COVID-19”.

It is possible to feel more comfortable in our collective new normal when we understand key equipment, terminology and processes that are often referenced in the news or industry. Gain peace of mind while you listen in to better aid your team in physically protecting your employees, vendors and customers, as they re-enter your workplace.

On Side Restoration is one of the nation’s leading Canadian-owned restoration companies with 37 branches from Victoria, BC to St. John’s, Newfoundland. For the past 40 years the company has been restoring damaged homes and businesses 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Proprietary internal systems include eClaim, a transparent web-based file management software program, and On Side LiVE, their 24 hour customizable emergency call centre. Experienced and certified crew operate On Side Restoration’s extensive fleet of emergency response vehicles and leverage their 13,000+ pieces of specialty equipment.

Sonia Manson
National Manager, Marketing & Communications
On Side Restoration Services Ltd.