Weather Damage

Our 24-hour emergency response service is exceptionally agile, especially when it comes to damage relating to a weather event. A call to any one of our branches activates an emergency management system to deploy a professional team ASAP. On Side is armed with the knowledge, systems and equipment to effectively respond, mitigate damage and begin recovery. Please note, it is critical to check your Insurance coverage, since coverage may vary and is often dependent on the source of the damage.

Structural Safety

Any weather damaged structure is immediately analyzed for integrity, safety and functional capability. To ensure everyone’s safety, we take precautionary actions as needed, including site stabilization and board up, temporary power installations and debris removal.

A home destroyed by a fallen tree - On Side Restoration

Tree Impact

Tree-stability around houses or buildings can be particularly unpredictable during windstorms. When a tree impact occurs, On Side can respond immediately to help.

Roof repairs in Vancouver, BC

Roof Repairs

Water damage from a leaky roof, or from an adjacent structure, can cause unseen destruction or introduce unsafe contaminants. Our team can identify and fix damage from leaks of any kind.

Hail Storms

While particularly relevant to non-coastal cities, hail can be extremely destructive. Our team has the ability to rectify any loss, no matter how big or small.

Hail can be extremely destructive in Vancouver, BC

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