Policy Statement

At On Side, we’re driven to be a leader in corporate social responsibility (CSR) in all aspects of our operations and activities. This policy serves as a guide to employees in all our branches across Canada and incorporates the following key elements:

Ethical Business Conduct

On Side Restoration expects the highest levels of personal conduct by all its employees, whatever their position. It is acknowledged that all effective business relationships, inside as well as outside the company, depend on honesty, integrity and fairness.

Workplace Health and Safety

We are committed to being a leader in Workplace Health and Safety. We will consistently provide workers with appropriate training, equipment, benefits and processes to safely carryout their respective tasks.

Fair Employment Practices

We will recruit, hire, coach, counsel, promote and compensate in a fair and equitable manner which is free of discrimination.

Continuous Improvement & Learning

We believe in creating an environment of continuous improvement. We endorse, provide and support employee learning and continuously look to improve our business in every way.

Environmental Impact

We will continuously look at finding, developing and implementing processes that improve our environmental impact.

Community Involvement

We will be actively involved in the communities that we serve, supporting charitable, community and industry associations with financial assistance, gifts in kind, skilled labour, and by encouraging employees to volunteer.

Legislative Requirements

We will meet all legislative requirements and will work in conjunction with legislative bodies to develop new practices that promote improved levels of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Sustainability Practices

Effects on our environment are one of our top priorities. We actively implement processes and procedures that contribute to overall sustainability, ranging from chemical products used in the restoration process, proper disposal of unsalvageable items and overall site management.

Reducing our carbon footprint for a better tomorrow is extremely important to us. Every effort is made to educate our branch offices and staff on how to implement processes that encourage sustainability. To see the full list of what we’re doing, see our practices.

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