Water Damage Restoration Across Canada

Water damage can lead to unhealthy mould infestations and structural damage. On Side Restoration helps you in your time of need by offering premier water damage restoration services throughout Canada. We understand the critical need for emergency services following water damage. Our expert team has provided restoration services since 1979. We have hundreds of emergency response vehicles and innovative equipment to restore your home or business properly. We quickly mitigate the damage, analyze the property, and execute a recovery plan.

The House in a flood at Newfoundland
People standing inside a flooded room.

Reasons for Water Damage Repair

Water damage can happen in an instant. We offer water damage repair for many issues, including:

  • Storm Damage
  • Flooded Basement
  • Leaky Pipes
  • Burst Pipes
  • Appliance Failure
  • Aftermath of Fire Damage

Water Damage Mitigation

Effective water damage mitigation and fast action are the most critical parts of recovery from water damage. It’s crucial to consider treating porous materials that hold water and decontaminating specific areas. If left untreated or wet, bacteria thrive and create future issues. Our experienced team understands the need for fast and effective mitigation efforts. We will evaluate your amount of property damage, degree of contamination and costs before proceeding with our water damage restoration efforts.

We Handle Water and Air Contamination

Raw sewage and flood waters sometimes contain pathogens and harmful bacteria. Our certified Water Damage Technicians are ready to handle any type of water and air contamination, containment, and clean up. After we safely remove the water, we can begin the restoration process.

Water Damage Restoration Process

On Side Restoration uses an extensive evaluation process to find the best way to restore your home or business. We utilize innovative techniques to find any moisture beneath your flooring or sheetrock. Our specialized drying process is customized to meet the needs of your specific situation. After eliminating all water from the area, we monitor the drying equipment to ensure your property is restored to dry conditions.

Water Damage Tips

It’s important to contact us as soon as you notice water damage. We offer water damage tips until we can take over, including:

  • Document the water damage for insurance claims.
  • Move essential products and electronics away from the water damage.
  • Remove standing water with a shop vac.
  • Circulate air with fans and open windows.
Dehumidifying kitchen damage in Vancouver, BC

Why Choose On Side Restoration?

On Side Restoration is Canada’s go-to contractor for residential and commercial restoration. You can trust our fully trained team to take care of you following a disaster. We have over 40 branches with a fleet of stocked trucks with equipment to help you in times of need. Our emergency water damage restoration services help dry your property and stop bacterial and mould growth. We know that water damage can cause significant issues to a home or business, so we take action quickly.

Contact On Side Restoration Today

On Side Restoration is ready to help homeowners and commercial properties after water damage. Whether a pipe burst in the laundry room or a storm caused flooding, we’re here for you. We’ll find the best way to treat your home or business with our water damage services quickly and efficiently. Contact On Side Restoration to schedule an appointment.

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