What to Expect

We know that some of the biggest hurdles in the restoration process are simply understanding what’s happening and keeping up with the progress. Throughout every part of the process, we’ll make sure to communicate clearly and frequently to give you a solid understanding of what to expect moving forward with us. Each new customer will be assigned a Project Manager, Project Assistant and Project Supervisor. You will also be connected to an online resource with helpful information, contact details and regular progress updates.

Bid / Estimate Process

The time to complete the “bid” varies according to job size. In the case of smaller claims we can typically have trades view and quote on the work within 7-10 business days; however, there are cases where all trades are extremely busy and this may delay the process somewhat. When there are multiple contractors bidding it can take 3 working weeks or more for the adjuster to receive all quotes.

It is normal for the insurance company to request 2 separate contractors to quote on the repair work. In the case of larger jobs they may request 3 or more contractors to submit pricing to ensure that all costs are accounted for.

All quotes from each contractor must be received prior to the adjuster being able to make a decision. Dependant on the size of the claim it typically takes 5-7 business days for an adjuster to make their decision after they have received all quotes. They will then notify you.

The winning contractor will obtain a work authorization and begin ordering products. They will also contact you to arrange a schedule/timeline.

Water / Flood Damage Issues

Yes.  The amount of drying equipment is calculated on the volume of the structure we are trying to dry, types of materials, as well as the degree of water damage. Turning off the equipment for a period could lengthen the drying time and increase the chance of secondary damage such as mold.

We strongly discourage moving the drying equipment; our technicians strategically place all drying equipment to ensure maximum efficiency. We strive to have a technician attend every few days to re-position and/or remove the equipment that is not needed.

Generally speaking mould is unlikely to grow as long as a claim is mitigated and responded to quickly. There are situations where mould growth may occur or could already be present without you knowing it. If there is ever a sign of visible growth, please contact your Project Manager or mention it to a technician immediately.

Fire Damage Issues

This very much depends on the level of char and damage to each individual piece of structure. Where possible we prefer to clean and restore structure; however, if the item is compromised, we will of course replace it.

Typically for larger fires we do need a building permit; however, if the damage is only cosmetic there is no need to file for a building permit.

We are very adept at removing smoke odours from homes. Typically this is a fairly lengthy process and can involve removal of drywall and floors if necessary. We also use specialty equipment meant to breakdown and remove smoke and other odours.

Belongings & Contents Handling / Treatment

On Side Restoration Services Ltd. will list all items that are damaged beyond restoration and supply this list to you and your adjuster. In certain special cases this may change; however, your adjuster will be able to let you know if this is the case. Once this is completed and approved we will ask for permission to dispose of the items. Prior to disposing of these items we will require you to sign an authorization form. Any perishable items, such as food items, are listed and disposed of immediately.

This item will be crossed off the non-restorable list and returned to you. In the case of contamination of the item by a hazardous substance, we are required to explain the inherent dangers in keeping the item in question.

On Side Restoration stores all items in secure, dry, and heated storage facilities. Typically for short-term storage we will keep items within our warehouse. For longer term storage we will use only insured, heated, and secure facilities.

Most certainly you have access to these items. We pack all of our storage centers to capacity to maximize space and minimize the floor footprint we need. Therefore, we ask that you give us plenty of notice to allow time to retrieve any items you require.

On Side has in-house laundry facilities to process most items. We also have several dry-cleaning companies that we work with on a regular basis for overflow or specialty items.

Please point these items out to your Project Manager or Contents Crew Chief to ensure they mark them as priority and return them to you as soon as possible.

In the lower mainland, we have an in-house electronics processing center where local items are processed and cleaned using professionally accepted methods. In our other facilities, we work with manufacturers or approved repair companies to ensure that existing product warrantees are not affected where possible.

In the lower mainland, we have an in-house art restoration and framing department where art work is restored. If items require extra attention, the art is sent to a local expert in the field. Our other facilities will exercise this same outsourcing on a regular basis.

We ask that you remove such items prior to our crews attending to pack out the affected area. We will also ask you to sign a release form. If we do find any of these items they are returned to you as soon as possible.

Please inform the Project Manager and crew chief immediately. We have 2 certified firearms handlers to deal with these situations but will ask that if possible, you remove them. DO NOT handle burned firearms.

If damaged the appliances are cleaned, tested, and certified by a licensed appliance technician. If non-restorable, we will add them to the list of non-restorable items.

The majority of our claims are handled by a professional moving service. For very small claims we have in-house staff specially trained to move items.

Many area rugs are cleaned in-house in a specially designed area. Extremely sensitive and/or expensive rugs and overflow are sent to custom rug specialists for cleaning.

All items being removed are listed on an Inventory Control Sheet. Digital photographs are also taken.

Being a full service restoration contractor, On Side assists you with moving everything back into place. We pride ourselves in being able to return the majority of items back to their original positions without any assistance from you. There are certain cases where we will need your direction ensuring that everything is placed to your liking.

Repair Process

Each project has its own unique challenges and schedule. Typically every trade has their own timeline. Your Project Manager should be able to outline a schedule for you based on their knowledge of everyone’s timelines.

It is normal for the project schedule to adjust slightly as the job progresses. There are often unforeseen challenges or changes that arise during the repairs that will affect the speed and dates of completion.

Any work that is an alteration from the original scope of work will be considered an upgrade. There may be a change in cost and schedules depending on the request. If you would like to upgrade, we can prepare a separate estimate for your review.

You should speak with your insurance representative about “cashing-out” on the claim. Typically they can arrange this for you and provide you with more detail.

If you have begun conversations with your Project Manager in regards to concerns with the repair work and have been directed here, click on: Resolution Protocol or Resolution Protocol Form

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