January 5, 2021

Growing On Side Restoration’s Footprint and Offering in Quebec: Acquisition of Groupe Dijon


On Side Restoration (Que.) Ltd. (“On Side Restoration” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it completed today the acquisition of Groupe Dijon inc. (“Groupe Dijon”). By welcoming Groupe Dijon to the team as the third branch in the Greater Montreal area and fifth in Quebec, the Company will strengthen its capacity in the region and will extend its service offering across the province. The Company plans to grow further in Quebec.

Over the past 20 years, Groupe Dijon has focused on innovation, integration and expansion. In addition to 24/7 emergency response services, Groupe Dijon was one of the sole players in the industry to offer a full range of services in one shop, from cleaning and renovation, to decontamination and complete contents processing for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional customers. This acquisition marks an important step for On Side as it cements its Quebec-based support and increases its fully bilingual resources to meet the province’s distinct needs, including construction industry requirements, and to better serve local customers. “Welcoming Groupe Dijon into the fold of the On Side family will help us to further expand our capacity in the province. Together we can build upon Groupe Dijon’s expertise as we have identified key individuals and support systems which will play a significant role in aiding all of On Side’s Quebec branches,” said Emmanuel Robitaille, Regional Director, Québec.

“We were fascinated by Groupe Dijon’s innovation and integration business model. They are definitely one of the few players within the Quebec market to have consolidated this many disaster recovery services under one roof,” Emmanuel Robitaille added. “With its 85 employees, including several project managers with estimating expertise, a team devoted to complete contents processing, as well as 25 mitigation and restoration technicians, Groupe Dijon has successfully integrated all emergency processes into its service offering. We look forward to learning from them and offering these in depth services to the rest of our customers within the province of Quebec. We’re very excited to welcome Groupe Dijon to our On Side family!”.

Maxime Blanchette, Québec-native and President of Groupe Dijon and whose father founded the business in 2000, is looking forward to joining On Side Restoration; “Having led the business alongside my father and Benoit Bergeron for many years, I was eager to find a partner who would allow Groupe Dijon to grow and keep living by its family values. We are fortunate to have such devoted employees and team here in Laval. I feel that this transaction, and even our company cultures, are a natural fit and I’m convinced that our employees will be excited to join On Side and play a key role in strengthening Quebec’s overall emergency restoration effectiveness and capacity to serve even more customers,” said Maxime.

Maxime Blanchette and Benoit Bergeron, former General Manager, will both be transitioning into new strategic roles to support On Side on a provincial basis. Maxime will be the new District Director, and Benoit will become the new Director, Development and Initiatives for the province of Quebec. In his new role Maxime will be responsible for overseeing all of the Greater Montreal area branches and will maintain direct support to the Laval branch. Another key player, Patrick Besilis will be promoted from his Project Manager role and officially become On Side’s new Laval Branch Manager. Patrick is well acquainted with Groupe Dijon expertise and employees, having worked there since 2003.

Additional growth in Canada and increased capacity in Quebec

The demand for On Side services continues to increase and the company has laid out an ambitious growth plan across Canada – particularly in Ontario and Quebec, through acquisitions and greenfields. The acquisition of Groupe Dijon is a cornerstone of growth for On Side in Quebec as not only is the company bringing on board 85 new very valuable employees, but it is also gaining key restoration expertise to better serve a full range of clients on the Island of Montreal, the North Shore and eventually the whole province.

Restauration On Side – La performance au quotidien, as the company is known within the province of Québec, will operate from Groupe Dijon’s 35,000 square foot main facility. The branch is located at 2117 Berlier Street in Laval.


On Side Restoration is one of the nation’s leading Canadian-owned restoration companies with 39 branches from Victoria, BC to St. John’s, Newfoundland. For the past 40 years the company has been restoring damaged homes and businesses 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Proprietary internal systems include eClaim, a transparent web-based file management software program, and On Side LiVE, their 24 hour customizable emergency call centre. Experienced and certified crew operate On Side Restoration’s extensive fleet of emergency response vehicles and leverage their 13,000+ pieces of specialty equipment.


Emmanuel Robitaille
Regional Director, Québec

Sonia Manson
National Manager, Marketing & Communications