November 14, 2023

Charities WIN with Over 44k New Socks Collected by On Side Restoration

On Side Restoration successfully completed the SOCKtember challenge for the third year in a row by collecting 44,797 pairs of new socks for over 25 local charities across Canada. SOCKtember is a sock donation drive initiated by the US restoration podcaster DYOJO. The SOCKtember challenge is open to any team whether it be restoration contractor, vendor or community organization. On Side is currently the sole Canadian company that takes part in this challenge and competes with other companies located in the United States.

Doug Irwin, Senior Vice President, Sales & Operations, On Side shared, “Generosity is one of our five values, and we love participating in such an impactful annual fundraiser. At On Side, September is becoming known as SOCKtember and our employees look forward to this special initiative to support local charities before our harsh Canadian winter settles in. It’s a friendly competition where we put up a weekly leader board and winning branches are treated to pizza lunches and other recognition activities.”

Mr. Irwin also wants to encourage other companies to get their employees on board, “As an industry, let’s put an end to cold feet every winter!”

This year, a few of On Side’s smaller sized branches stood out by collecting an exceptional number of socks. The team in Red Deer took first prize for collecting an impressive 10,794 pairs of new socks with Chilliwack and London placing in On Side’s top five collecting 6137 and 5289 respectively. The company’s larger branches like Edmonton and Toronto were also among the top contributing branches. Creative donation drive efforts included setting up community collection booths at retail shops, donation drive-thru events and collaborating with vendor partners and clients.

Socks have often been identified by societies and shelters as one of the most needed items for the people who use their services. To find out how you can get involved in SOCKtember’s 2024 challenge go to https://restoringkindnessusa.com/socktember/ or https://www.thedyojo.com/socktember.html.