Case Study


Fire Department investigators reported that a lightning strike caused a fire on the roof. A total of forty firefighters, with support from three engine, two ladder and a rescue unit, battled to put out the blaze. On Side was brought on board to provide water and smoke mitigation services, including selective demolition and reconstruction.

The Fire Department had to spray water over a 10 hour period to extinguish the fire. On Side was tasked with mitigating over 42,000 square feet of varying damage across 5 floors of a new extension that was only partially constructed. The basement required the use of vacuum trucks to remove a large amount of water that ended up collecting.

First and foremost the initial challenge with this type of loss is to ensure the safety of all workers. On Side had many proven processes in place to ensure and maintain safety on and around the site. A full evaluation of the damaged structure and any potentially hazardous materials, was completed prior to any mitigation work.

Due to the size of the site and amount of workers required, an NCSO site safety officer with level 3 first aid was required for the duration. All electrical components were inspected, and damaged circuits were isolated in preparation to reinstate power. Shoring walls and safety railings were constructed including structural scaffolding. Man lifts were utilized to access the unsafe areas of the roof. Fencing, safety signage and temporary hoarding was installed to prevent unauthorized access or injury.

Project Timeline

Loss Date: August 5, 2016
Work Commenced: August 16, 2016
Completion Date: November 10, 2016



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Equipment & Approach

Demolition equipment included chainsaws, telehandler and bobcats, power saws, engineered scaffolding, 3-80 foot man lifts, safety guardrails and fall protection. The facility was dried down with dehumidifiers and air movers; framing was smoke sealed and Hydroxl units were used to eliminate odor. Finally, ice blasting and sand blasting was used on the steel and masonry to clean away the soot and smoke stains.

Due to the time of year, weather and the timeline were the main challenges. It was imperative that the mitigation services commence immediately in order to prevent further damage.

Temporary power and lighting was utilized once we had reinstated main power to select portions of the structure. With the assistance from a local structural engineering firm, plans and specifications were prepared for selective demolition. Water extraction was completed with hydro-vac and selective demolition commenced immediately following assessments.

The damaged structure, including roof, needed to be reinstated and all weather proofing assemblies required completion as soon as possible. As the structure was under construction at the time of the fire, On Side was contracted to use its extensive experience and expertise to have the structure ready to resume construction by the original contractor as soon as possible.


Hotel owner and management team were pleased with constant communication received via the Project Manager. Quality work and quick completion of the job has rewarded On Side with subsequent work.

Download PDF version of case study.

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