Case Study


The cause of the loss was a failure to the sprinkler system. The water affected the atrium, the three meeting rooms, public washrooms and exhibit space on the lower level. An estimated 1,000 books, CDs, and DVDs in the circulation work room located on the lower level were also damaged. On Side was contacted and brought on board to provide emergency mitigation and reconstruction services.

This is a downtown central library and was open during all aspects of the emergency and reconstruction services. Due to the potential hazard to the public, On Side created and maintained a containment structure in order to prevent any demolition or reconstruction debris and dust from entering the public space. Air quality monitoring was performed regularly and upon completion to ensure public safety.

The public area that was affected is an atrium with very high ceilings. On Side suggested and worked with the engineering department to reduce the relative humidity by utilizing the current existing air handling system. This course of action eliminated any secondary damages to the thousands of books. In the courtyard, the flooring surface is interlocking brick over gravel. This area was never meant to have water penetrate and no water proofing or drainage existed. On Side’s experienced team had it under control and was able to reach a dry standard to all areas with minimal building fabric removal.


Emergency services were started on September 16, 2016 & completed on October 13, 2016. The City of Vancouver requested that the On Side Project Manager prepare the repair specifications and our tender was submitted November 1, 2016 with a repair schedule. The City of Vancouver awarded On Side the repairs and requested a CCDC contract. The reconstruction services started November 2016 and completed February 2017.

Valeur of Loss


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