March 30, 2020

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Decontamination Services

Does your business need to be accessible by employees and/or customers during this unprecedented time?

On Side Restoration employs hygienist-approved decontamination techniques to quickly eliminate COVID-19 (Coronavirus), which allows you to maintain a safe business environment.

Contact On Side today at 1-888-663-6604 or contactus@onside.ca to engage our COVID-19 decontamination services.

Presumptive Positive and Reactive COVID-19 Decontamination

With COVID-19, results can take up to 9 days to process so it is imperative that we all take action quickly, BEFORE those we care about show symptoms. We are here to support you, protecting everyone in the most effective way possible.

Let On Side Restoration help you stay safe, working and open.

DEEP CLEANING: We engage a hands-on wiping technique for deep cleaning using Health Canada/EPA approved disinfectants to decontaminate COVID-19. Our staff use the correct products paired with thorough methods each and every time. We are careful not to use only spray or fog methods as there is risk of leaving behind viable contaminants.

SITE CONTROLS: Each property varies, so lets do it right. Our staff are highly experienced knowing what to ask and are able to implement proper containment techniques while donning approved PPE, omitting cross-contamination.

OUR CREDENTIALS: We hold certifications in: CSA Infection Control (during construction, renovation and maintenance of health care facilities); IICRC AMRT – Applied Microbial Remediation Technician; TCST – Trauma and Crime Scene Technician; and RIA Forensic Restoration training.

OUR PARTNERS: Our national agreements within the industrial hygiene and environmental consultancy profession allow for quick project turn around dependent on your place of business. Whether you are a small office environment, a distribution centre, a grocer, or any other type of essential service, we are here to support you.

RESPONSE TIME: We’re fast. You will be in contact with one of our experts within 10 minutes of calling us. A plan will be created and all stakeholders will know how to best inform their staff on next steps.

TURN-AROUND TIME: Every job is different. Armed with a team of experts who have successfully cleaned numerous properties, (some within 4 hours) we know who to involve and when to involve them. Once we’re done, your employees and/or customers can feel confident that the environment is safe.

Please call 1-888-663-6604 or email contactus@onside.ca to enquire further or engage our services.

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